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Lillendandie's News

Posted by Lillendandie - February 13th, 2023


My workspace and a preview of a portrait I'm working on! <3

I don't have much desk space, so I use a smaller drawing tablet called a Huion Kamvas Pro 12 (2018). My PC is a custom-built desktop, and I have 2 additional budget monitors. The main monitor is great for references, and the secondary one is used for OBS (when streaming) or movies / music I like to listen to while I work. When I'm not drawing, my tablet is usually put away for more keyboard space.


Posted by Lillendandie - November 13th, 2022

Thank you Newgrounds for moderating AI art!!

I applaud NG for making it clear what this community is all about. It is very appreciated. I work very hard on my paintings. Some of my works have been in various stages of completion for months or even years! There is no way an artist such as myself can keep up with a robot churning out 1000s of images daily. What is also nice is seeing all of your art! Art is so much more than the final image. It's about your thoughts, your characters, what shows and games you are enjoying, feelings, mood, atmosphere, etc. The humanity behind your work does not go unnoticed and is even more splendid in these trying times.

Shout out to the staff and your wonderful artists in the art portal. 🤍



Posted by Lillendandie - June 19th, 2022

Thanks again so much for all the love on my painting Papilio 🦋

If you missed out the live streams, I just posted up this quick speedpaint / time lapse on my Youtube. Enjoy!

I just started learning DaVinci Resolve and it is an amazing free video editor!! I highly recommend it as an Adobe Premiere alternative.



Posted by Lillendandie - April 9th, 2022

I will be hosting chill art streams on Twitch TV, and you're invited!! Be sure to hit the follow (heart) button to know when I go live.💜 https://www.twitch.tv/LillenArt 💜


What we do on stream:

🎨Art Creation.
🤔 Ask art questions.
📚 Study art with me.
💬 Get feedback on your art.
☕Relax, chat & enjoy yourself.

If you'd like to see a sneak peak I have free VODs posted of the previous stream.

Hope to see you soon!! 💗


Posted by Lillendandie - February 13th, 2022

Hi everyone. My new tutorial is out! How to Paint Fantasy Hair. It goes over how I currently paint hair using my favorite Gradient Map technique. If you are interested in learning, check out my art blog, where I post in detail each step of the process. I hope this helps anyone who wants to get into semi realism or fantasy style artwork!

By the way, this tutorial is completely free. No paywalls, Patreon, or affiliate links. : )



Posted by Lillendandie - January 15th, 2022

Happy new year! Hope you are doing well. This year I plan to branch out and play with my art style. I want to finalize some of my OC designs and also release some fanart. Here is a preview of what I'm working on now. This is Eideru an OC of mine that is a mage type character. I will be fully painting and coloring her. 💜




Posted by Lillendandie - April 16th, 2021

I have a new YouTube channel! I have a few speedpaints / time-lapses posted. In the future I will be doing art talks, posting art tutorials and trying out new software. If there's anything you'd like to see on my channel? Feel free to comment and leave your feedback.



Posted by Lillendandie - November 25th, 2020

If you are a NG artist in serious need of a tablet please check out this post.




Posted by Lillendandie - November 13th, 2020

My latest painting Amaranthine was featured on the front page!

To thank everyone I will be holding an open art feedback session. Get some feedback on your art!

  1. Post your art in the comments.
  2. I will comment saying 1 thing I like about it and 1 thing I think you can improve on.
  3. This is open to everyone. Following me is optional.
  4. Art only please


Posted by Lillendandie - October 27th, 2020

There is a new artist on NG @wkarellen

Their work is a wonderful mix of beauty and surreal.